Grayhouse LTD. Visual Communications.

Your story is your solution.

Your customers, prospects — even your own team — deserve to know the whole story about what makes you different and great.

We Tell It With Impact.

Visual Communications is what we do. We are focused on communicating with clients and customers through any visual means available. We specialize in Graphic Design, Video and Photography.

Everyone researches before buying. What do your customers and prospects need to know about you before calling or buying? Tell your story in an engaging, persuasive, informative way. We create strong communication tools that engage your audience.

Videos: created with a real expert cinematographer’s eye – our videographer and founder has worked in real, commercial, feature-length movies – that can be used for everything from talks, presentations, websites, digital ads and TV. We are experts at creating video to fit the exact format specs across all media. Check out our video portfolio.

Photography: that brings out what’s unique, personable and engaging in who you are and the products and services you offer. Our high-quality professional work stands out in a world that is dominated by cell-phone pics.

Marketing collateral: that include logo design, business cards, brochures, flyers and newspaper & magazine-ready ads to provide you with an entire campaign of messaging to reach every audience across all media – including digital ads.

Target marketing: empowers you with laser-focused communication tools that demonstrate your knowledge of specific customers and also focuses on how you can best serve them!

Website development: and enhancement makes your online presence user-friendly, impressive and rank better in search engines with SEO optimization.

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Film/Video
  • Design/Branding
  • Interactive Media
  • Motion Graphics
  • Shoot Production
  • Consultancy
  • Creative Solutions
  • Studio Hire
  • Location Sourcing

Our Clients.

We develop and maintain brands for companies such as the Smithsonian, The Lebron James Family Foundation, Parker Hannifin, Corning, First Energy and many more.